NEBRA is onboarding our inaugural partner, Brevis. This collaboration means Brevis begins integrating with NEBRA's Universal Proof Aggregation (UPA). This integration will streamline the aggregation of multiple ZK proofs, generated from Brevis's ZK coprocessing. As a result, this partnership is poised to significantly reduce the overall costs of Brevis’s proof verification.

Empowering DeFi with Affordable ZKP: The Brevis-NEBRA Collaboration

April 8th, 2024 • 2 min read

Brevis and NEBRA Team

What's Brevis

Brevis is a ZK coprocessor that empowers smart contracts to read the full historical onchain data and run customizable compute using zero-knowledge proofs. With the power of trust-free historical data, Brevis enables many new use cases such as data-driven DeFi, trust-fee active liquidity management, omnichain activity-based identity, and many more.

Brevis Overview

Empower DeFi

As a ZK coprocessor, Brevis generates a huge amount of proofs of customizable computation based on historical onchain data, one example is to use Uniswap V4 hooks + Brevis+ Brevis to provide data driven DEX experiences. To get ZK coprocessors to the masses, it is crucial to leverage proof aggregation and the shared economy from NEBRA to lower the end-to-end cost for users. The Brevis team has done earth-moving engineering work to lower the proving cost. Now, integrating NEBRA brings down the proof verification cost to empower the DeFi space. The collaboration with NEBRA makes Brevis the most cost-efficient coprocessor in the market.

How can NEBRA UPA help Brevis?

More specifically, NEBRA UPA aggregates multiple proofs (from different parties, applications etc) into a single aggregated proof onchain. By using NEBRA UPA as the shared settlement layer of the proofs, the proof verification cost gets amortized among different parties. NEBRA UPA 1.0 brings the proof verification cost down by 10x on both Ethereum and its L2s.

NEBRA is going to support Brevis team's mission of bringing trust-free computation over historical data to a wide variety of users. NEBRA UPA is going to be integrated into the last step of Brevis proof settling pipeline as shown in the picture below:


NEBRA team is excited to onboard Brevis as the first NEBRA UPA partner and excited for further collaborations in the years to come.

Let’s bring ZKP to the masses!

Interested in building with NEBRA?

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