We are NEBRA, a research and community driven project. Our vision is bring proof singularity to blockchains, starting with Ethereum. We think zero-knowledge proofs + blockchains bring better coordination to human society, and one of the remaining big problems is how to make ZKP proving and verification scalable and composable on blockchains. We are building the first proof aggregation service on Ethereum, which uses our Universal ZK-ZK Proof Aggregation construction to aggregate ZKPs for all kinds of applications, including but not limited to privacy preserving identities, storage proofs, ZKML, zkEVM proofs. This proof aggregation service could:

  1. Multiply the bandwidth and lower the cost (by orders of magnitude) of ZKP verfication on Ethereum (and its L2s)
  2. Composing ZKPs from different parties

If you’re excited by advanced cryptography, distributed systems, protocol design or public goods, please reach out by twitter DM: we are excited to hear from you, regardless of education level, experiences or cultural background.