Universal Proof Aggregation

that Scales ZKP Verification

Aggregating proofs from ANY circuit

Bringing (zero-knowledge) proofs to the masses by lower onchain verification cost

Composing proofs for interoperability and shared settlement

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Proof Singularity Events


Proof Singularity Events is a series of events orchestrated by NEBRA Labs. It is designed to facilitate discussions about the proof-based future of blockchain. We seek to actively engage the community in hands-on experiences with NEBRA's Universal Proof Aggregator (UPA) testnet. Past events:

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NEBRA Partners

Not your typical VC fund.
Nascent is a team of builders who back early-stage founders creating products and primitives for an open financial world.
For every human.
Public goods are good.
We back bold entrepreneurs building the next internet.
A Smart ZK Coprocessor for Blockchains.